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Los Angeles Wedding Florist


Designed by Rochelle Leigh Wall

I am a Modern Romantic Floral Designer, crafting the beauty of nature into handheld works of art. 

Like a rose opening from a small bud into its final ruffled moment of perfection, I take your smallest piece of inspiration and nurture it into a visual daydream of leaves and petals, colors, scents, textures, and style.

This is what love looks like. This is how a modern interpretation of romance feels.





A relationship. An inspired translation – a collaboration.

The most iconic moments of your life are my joy. Your delight, my muse.

Photo credit: Brienne Michelle

about the designer

Rochelle is a crazy plant, cat and chicken lady. The running joke when I introduce myself is that I have 20 chickens (and counting), 5 cats, 3 goats, 2 dogs and a couple oak trees (and a partridge and a pear tree). I'm corny and recently was on the radio sharing the only joke I've ever memorized, a Dad joke. I usually laugh a lot as I'm an easy audience, but I promise, my laughter is always genuine. I value authenticity above all and deep connections with those in my life.

I consider myself an average gardener, but after years of experimenting in the soil, you might call me a seasoned grower. I'm still figuring it all out, but I have a deep passion for growing flowers that I include in my designs. The unique colors and textures that come from a garden lend a uniqueness that is unparalleled.


floral design

Artful, textural, delightfully! arranged, locally grown flowers.

delightful!'s signature floral designs are romantic and modern while working with locally grown flowers as often as possible, and in color palettes that create a unique and artful feel for you and your guests.

delightful! has made personal commitments to work with only the very best purveyors of flowers, local flower farmers and our own farm in order exceed your floral expectations.

There is a level of floral expertise that is readily available to you -- delightful! clients prefer individuality in lieu of trends- while understanding the the importance of design as unique as your relationship. I love selecting the weird, the unusual, the provocative blooms that catch my eye, which are consequently flowers you've probably never seen or heard of prior. 


These interesting accents will make you say "WOW!" and make the average rose and hydrangea come alive and the bouquet uniquely yours. I specialize in wedding design, and I love helping my clients express their personal style in timeless, yet unique floral designs that evoke emotion and create memories.

By personally selecting each bloom in our designs, we are able find unique varieties and colors to set the tone of your day.

If you are seeking only bridal bouquets and personal flowers for your wedding or event please don't hesitate to contact Rochelle at


I will happily create a personal quote for you.


event inquiry

I look forward to receiving your inquiry form and hearing more about your upcoming event!

Please allow 24-48 business hours for correspondence in order for us to confirm availability on our calendar for your event date.

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