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delightful! by Rochelle is now...

...delightful! FLOWER co.

For quite some time now, in recognizing that I need to expand the potential of this design company, I've known that I needed to give up the "by Rochelle Leigh Wall" portion of the business name. When I first began designing flowers over 12 years ago, I immediately knew delightful! was going to be an iconic name to describe what I had envisioned for this business to be, but I needed to establish myself as an artist as well -- something that has absolutely come with time and honing my craft.


Did you know that is a dating sight? Yeah. I believe I read at one time that it was established by none other that Steve Harvey! Since that domain was never going to be available, I needed to examine what exactly I needed to communicate with any platform change. And then it hit me... it's not about me, it's about YOU, and of course, the FLOWERS!

delightful! Flower co. is more than sublime floral design. The clients that are drawn to this art value the artist, the integrity of the sourcing of ingredients, the sustainable practices we implement, and our commitment to locally grown flowers, including from our own micro flower farm.

So, what is delightful! Flower co.? It is, unique flowers you can't find in a grocery store. In fact, our flowers mostly come from local flower farmers -- people that we actually know! And, we are incredible romantic, whimsical, wild and bold! But mostly, what delightful! is, is an artful representation of our clients through the medium of flowers.


My greatest hope with this change is that you, as my dear client, can see yourself and your interpretation of the art that we create, rather than purely my viewpoint. Yes, as an artist, I inject a lot of myself into every design, but when I am creating for you, your wishes, dreams and inspiration inform so much of what the end result is, and there is where the alchemy lies - in that collaboration between client and artist.

delightfully yours,


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